About Me

Greetings, my name is Larry Smith. On this WordPress I will be blogging about personal issues, current events, and multiple academic interest.  I am currently a third year construction engineering Technology major at Florida A&M University. DillengerComing from Palm Beach County Florida, there are many places that could use a lot of assistance to make the area a safer and more livable environment. For that reason, I have aspirations to own my own engineering firm after completing both my undergraduate and graduate studies. In the near future I plan on obtaining multiple internships to help hone the skills I am currently and will be learning. I feel that I will be a valuable asset to any company that gives me a chance. Once hired and working, I plan on being a significant factor to any team or corporation that gives me chance to showcase my skills.

With my own firm, I would like to help expand and better poverty stricken areas all over. I would like to start small so that I can learn all the tricks and secrets of the field. After learning all the information I feel is necessary to not only be a successful engineer, but to be a beneficial one, I will make my own path. Being an inspiration to youth has always been a goal of mine. I would like to show kids that you don’t have to become an athlete or a musician to make it, and inspire them to be that one of one and make a difference.

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